Our aim is to create an environment of excellence and to be aware of international trends. We want to give each child the very best opportunities possible in order to develop fully in all areas. We do all that is possible to carefully plan an environment where the child is able to develop and so realise his/her full potential, and thus make the best possible use of his/her life.

An atmosphere is created that encourages responsibility, self-discipline, and a positive self-image. Thus meaning that the focuses are on Academic, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual development of the learner.

Our Aim: To meet these aims, enthusiastic, passionate well-trained staff look after small groups of Learners that have high expectations of all their Learners. Our main aim is to develop the Learner Holistically, in and outside the classroom. We believe that a balanced education with enough cultural and sporting activities develops the child to their full potential. We believe with our new modern school and all our facilities and vast sports fields we can achieve this.

Building Blocks is privately run by Lesley De Jager, who also has two children and understands the pressures related to being working parents with corporate pressures, with the aim of providing the highest quality of childcare and early education at affordable fees.

All our staff are CPR trained.
We hope your stay with us will be happy and educational.

We know you and your child will enjoy the time with us and we sincerely hope to meet you and become part of your family.

School Hours

The school is opened at 06:45 in the mornings.
Grade 1 – 3: 07:30 – 14:00
Grade 4 – 7: 07:30 – 15:00

Academic Curriculum

The school is committed to a high academic standard and all pupils are assessed in order to be considered for entry into the school. The curriculum is made up of the following subjects.

Junior Preparatory Grade 1 – 3

Literacy – English & Afrikaans
Numeracy – Mathematics
Life Orientation – Environmental Studies, Life Skills, Art, Music, Religious Studies, Drama, Physical Education.
Design and Technology
Physical Education
Art and Culture

Senior Preparatory Grade 4 – 7

Languages – English, Afrikaans and Zulu
Natural Sciences – Science and Biology
Social Sciences – History and Geography
Economic Management Services
Art and Culture
Life Orientation – Life skills, Leadership skills, Study skills
Physical Education
Design and Technology

Sport Activities

All Learners are required to participate in our extensive sports curriculum. The programme is important, not only because it promotes physical fitness and fellowship, but also encourages the development of sportsmanship, loyalty, commitment, determination and leadership.

Sport is considered a key element of the school curriculum. The seasonal choice of activities are:

Athletics / Cross Country

Cultural Activities

All Learners are also exposed to our cultural activities. Cultural and Community service projects are incorporated to extend the curriculum beyond academic boundaries.

Environmental Club
Public Speaking

School Rules

In accordance with the Official Schools Act (1996), no corporal punishment is allowed by any staff member of a school. As time-out does not always work we request the parents co-operation in implementing the following; Manners and respect for teachers, class mates and parents. The school would like to focus on these core values.


Building Blocks does not, under any circumstances, accept misconduct and we need your assistance in ensuring that the school Code of Conduct is adhered to.

We appeal to you to support the school by ensuring that your child:

Is punctual in getting to school
Does all homework and study work assigned
Always wears the full and proper uniform
Observes all the rules as laid down in the Code of Conduct

Disciplinary Action

Pupils will have details of the offence recorded and kept on their personal files. This is used to motivate improvement in behaviour, in that an accumulative record of regular bad behaviour will be reported to parents. If pupils maintain a record of good behaviour for a suitable period, these disciplinary records will be removed.

We will also have a monthly Manners trophy that will be handed out to the most deserving pupil. This will also promote good behaviour.

During the term Teachers will also use a merit system whereby when they reach certain goals they will be awarded certification in the Friday Assembly.

Policy Regarding Sick Children

Parents are required to assist us in preventing cross infection of our children and therefore we have implemented these rules.

Children with eye infections are not permitted at school.
Children with runny tummies or vomiting are not permitted at school.
Should your child have lice they will not be permitted back at school until they have a clearance certificate from their family Doctor.
Should your child be prescribed anti-biotic, your child will not be permitted back at the school for the first 48hrs and we will require a doctor’s clearance certificate upon return.
It is important to notify your child’s teacher about anything that may be troubling your child, e.g. Fever or complaining about headaches ETC. We will phone you to check on giving medication for fever, if the fever does not break you will be requested to come and collect your child.

Once we have phoned the parent to collect the child, the child is to be collected within 45 minutes by either the parent or an authorized family member.

Any medication that has to be administered must be removed from the child’s bag and handed to the teacher on duty. The parents are to fill in the medication and dosage at the back of their Child’s homework.

If this is not done NO medication will be administered. When collecting your child the medication will be in your Child’s class or in the office NOT in your Child’s bag.